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It’s now possible to make Abby Lingvo work with Linux without windows emulators, or more exactly to say, to use it’s dictionaries with Stardict. Abby uses locked file format for dictionaries (.lsd) so we need to convert each needed dictionary to an open one using the standard Abby converter for dictionaries. By default it converts only .dsl files to .lsd so we need patch it with any Hexeditor to add a new feature. Here is the list of needed tools:

  • Lingvo dictionaries in .dsl format
  • Compiler for dictionaries DslComp.exe with all essential libraries

    (Awl.dll, FineObj.dll, LangInfoUnicode.dll, Lingvo0.dll, msvcr71.dll)

  • Wine emulator

  • makedict with all dependencies

  • Stardict itself with dictzip utility

The first two items can be easily found on original Lingvo Cds. the general algorithmis pretty simple:

  1. Converting lsd to dsl (dslcomp.exe)

  2. Installing makedict

  3. Converting dsl to readable for Stardict format (makedict)

  4. Strating up the Stardict

Now about every step in details:

1.First of all we need to patch the exe file to make it convert lsd to dsl. To do that you need any hexeditor you like.

Following bites need to be changed (for Abby Lingvo 12 ML)

34A50: 75 -> EB
372FC: CC CC CC CC -> 75 0A C6 44
37300: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC -> 24 28 01 E9 BF 01 00 00
37308: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC -> 83 FF 02 75 0A C6 44 24
37310: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC -> 28 01 E9 B0 01 00 00 C6
37318: CC CC CC CC CC CC CC CC -> 44 24 28 00 E9 A6 01 00
37320: 00
374C2: 0F 94 44 24 28 -> E9 35 FE FF FF
7281D: 8B C7 -> 33 C0

Now its time to execute wine DslComp.exe to convert your dictionaries to dsl format.

2. No difficulties with it- download makedict-0.2beta1.tar.bz2 from

After unpacking and configuring we will have a makedict executable file.

3.Convert the dictionaries with the following command:

makedict -i dsl -o stardict filename.dsl

As a result we receive three files:

dictname.dict- The dictionary itself

dictname.idx- Index

dicname.ifo- Description file

All three files should be placed in /usr/share/stardict/dic

4. Run Stardict and enjoy it!




The main goal of this HowTo to give people, who allready bought the original version of Lingvo, a chance to finaly move from Windows to free OS. Please dont support pirates and dont use pirated copies of this product.

In case if you have some questions, feel free to ask them here.

Based on the article of Acid Jack about converting dictionaries of Lingvo 11

UPDATE: You can download some of already recompiled dictionaries, check out the list of links.

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  1. While patching the dslcomp.exe file, all seemed fine until the very last address:
    on 7281D I have 00 6A, not 8B C7

    I double-checked it. Can it be simply an small mistake? I do have Lingvo version 12.

    Also, all the links to the recompiled dictionaries do not work any longer.

    Hope for your response! xonmac

  2. xonmac,
    i don’t know why. may be because of the different language.
    i’ve patched dslcomp with these adresses.
    you could get the patched dslcomp from russian lingvo 12:

  3. wine Dslcomp.exe gets me nowhere – it just runs and nothing.

    Do you have any idea?

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