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The new issue of the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter is already available! I would recommend you to read an article about KVM (Linux virtualization system), which will be one of the main features of Ubuntu 8.04.

“KVM enables you to run a complete PC-like system as a process on your regular Ubuntu system. These are known as virtual machines, or VM’s for short. As a user, you can run the next version of Ubuntu to test it before you upgrade your real system. As a developer, you can use it to work on the kernel without having to reboot your host system all the time. As a sysadmin, you can use it to keep your services separated on your servers.”

Also see my Russian translation of the UWN#76:

The Linux Foundation has started a podcast series “that will feature conversations with the leaders of open source.” The first one is with Linus Torvalds.

Future podcasts will feature Novell CEO Ron Hovsepian, MySQL CEO Martin Mickos, and Mark Shuttleworth.

Check it out, visit Linux Foundation Open Voices.