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Category Archives: KDE

Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter #75 is now available.

Some topics covered:

  • Alpha 4 Freeze Ahead
  • 6.06.2 LTS Released
  • MOTU Council Election Open
  • Ubuntu Demo Day, Swindon, UK
  • Hug Day January 29th, 2008
  • Launchpad Logo Competition Continues
  • Full Circle Issue 9 Available
  • In The Press & Blogosphere
  • Meeting Summaries
  • Upcoming Meetings & Events
  • Updates & Security
  • Bugs & Translation Stats

Check it out here:

And here is my Russian translation as always:

After many months of hard work developers prepared a preview release of Amarok 2.0. The release summarizes all the work done on Amarok2 so far, and includes, but is not limited to, the following features:

  • Redesigned media device architecture
  • Phonon support
  • New Internet Services Framework with numerous plugins
  • Context View
  • New Snazzy Playlist
  • New Podcast catcher system

Markus Mauder has posted an interesting review of the fresh SVN KDE on his blog, describing mostly the new features and some changes in the last release.

Btw, only two days left until the official release of KDE4. In spite of the fact that I prefer Gnome, I will definitely give the new KDE a try.


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