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Category Archives: Translation

The Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 77 for the week February 3rd – February 9th is now available.

Some topics covered:

  • MOTU Release Team Election
  • Clutch BitTorrent WebUI Package
  • In The Press & Blogosphere
  • Upcoming Meetings & Events
  • Firefox 3 for 7.10
  • Updates & Security
  • Bug & Translation Stats

Read it in English:

…or in Russian:

Lately I’ve posted the manual how to recompile Lingvo dictionaries for Stardict. If you dont have enough time to recompile them by yourself, there are some already recompiled English-Russian/Russian-English dictionaries in the web, here are the links:


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Great commercial for language tapes. A rookie in the German Coast Guard cant recognize a disaster when he hears one. He should have paid more attention in school.

It’s now possible to make Abby Lingvo work with Linux without windows emulators, or more exactly to say, to use it’s dictionaries with Stardict. Abby uses locked file format for dictionaries (.lsd) so we need to convert each needed dictionary to an open one using the standard Abby converter for dictionaries. By default it converts only .dsl files to .lsd so we need patch it with any Hexeditor to add a new feature. Here is the list of needed tools:

  • Lingvo dictionaries in .dsl format
  • Compiler for dictionaries DslComp.exe with all essential libraries

    (Awl.dll, FineObj.dll, LangInfoUnicode.dll, Lingvo0.dll, msvcr71.dll)

  • Wine emulator

  • makedict with all dependencies

  • Stardict itself with dictzip utility

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